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Reporting Encounter of Marked Bird with a Metal Federal Band
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CBBS Bird Banding

Connecticut Warbler (HY-U)
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
(Photo by Matt Ginn)

Bird banding is an integral aid to the study and protection of wild birds. It is typically facilitated by using a fine net (known as a mist net). Birds that fly into the mist net are gently removed and a permanent aluminum or alternate light-weight band is placed around the lower leg. Often the birds are measured, weighed, sexed and aged before release back into the wild.

Black-billed Magpie giving
immature Bald Eagle an earful
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
(Photo by Dick Stauffer)

When a banded bird is recovered, the number and information on the band is used to trace migratory patterns and other vital data. This information is collated and made available to the banding and scientific communities. The data is invaluable to many scientific studies, including Global Warming and Pollution research. The Calgary Bird Banding Society (CBBS) makes much of this research available in the form of the ATR (Annual Technical Report).

Solitary Sandpiper
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
(Photo by Lynda Alderman)

The primary project of the CBBS is monitoring of migratory birds at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (IBS) since 1995, a federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary. IBS has long been known as an important migration site for Neotropical migrants. Located within 80-km of the Rocky Mountains, the site is an integral component of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network.

Banding crew at Inglewood Bird
Sanctuary   21 August 2009
(L-R Don Stiles, Bill Taylor, Bruce Wilson)
(Photo by Lynda Alderman)

IBS is also the location of a MAPS site operated by CBBS since 1992. Fall migration monitoring of Northern Saw-whet Owls has been conducted since 2004 southwest of Calgary. Migration monitoring at Cypress Hills Provincial Park in SE Alberta is ongoing since 2012 after pilot years in 2010 and 2011.

Annual Technical Reports (ATRs)

Annual Technical Reports detail regional and international research conducted by CBBS. Each ATR presents results from all CBBS projects active during the year and includes research and trend analysis. (click to access CBBS ATRs from 1995 to most current)

Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is the most important result of CBBS migration monitoring particularly at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Current trend analysis for IBS as well as other stations in the Canadian Migration Monitoring network are available at the Nature Counts website operated by Bird Studies Canada,  by clicking here.